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Radius was created by people of like minds coming together, all with different experiences and education, with the common goal of inspiring people to live differently. Our business experience within the tourism industry over many years has lead us to understand what people want in an “experiential holiday” and how we can combine the new age roots of tourism and sustainability into something that everyone can appreciate, embrace and learn from. Our eclectic education in farming, ecotourism, outdoor leadership, teaching, and administration, have allowed us to inspire others as we pass on our experiences and knowledge. The importance we place on endless learning and sharing, and understanding new age technology along with old school practices, enables us to educate, create, and inspire others, all while living from within our natural wild mountain surroundings.    

From Within
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Through diverse experiences, Radius aims to create a vibe of returning to nature, while inspiring people to live differently and letting nature’s rhythms flow freely.


Run Wild

Come discover your wild side in the thousand acres of uninhibited trails open for exploration. Bring your own adventure.


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The breathtaking views and endless picture perfect moments are impossible to capture in just a few photo files, but here is our attempt at showing you some of the wild beauty you will encounter while at Radius.


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7058 Hwy 95, Box 739

Radium Hot Springs British Columbia,

V0A 1M0, Canada

E-mail: info@radiusretreat.com

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