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From Within

Rhythms & Vibes 

Radius is a space of natural peace and beauty; our yurts are truly in the wild; quiet, secluded and natural, and our trails are defined by history and the natural rhythms of the land. Our Gathering Center is about bringing people together to experience the peace and serenity of this place, as they become part of the community that already naturally exists here. It’s through these diverse experiences that Radius aims to create a vibe of returning to nature, while inspiring people to

live differently while we let nature’s rhythms flow freely.


Friluftsliv, pronounced free-loofts-liv, is a Nordic cultural concept meaning "open air life" and is used to describe a way of life that is spent exploring and appreciating nature with the freedom to roam. Esteemed Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen wrote about Friluftsliv in his 1859 poem “On the Heights”.  It is about the philosophy that captures the importance of connecting with Mother Nature on both a physical and spiritual level and he describes a way of life that is spent exploring and appreciating nature. This philosophy is at the essence of what Radius is; experiencing nature in it’s primacy and

exploring the relationships and self growth created from within.

Our Common Future

Radius makes an effort to give back to the land and reduce the carbon footprint that we all create; vermiculture, solar, microhydro, and using the resources that our land provides for us, are all small steps in a big world that can use our help. We are all caretakers of nature, and here at Radius we do our best to keep the

land in it’s wild state and learn, take and give back from within.

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The Roost
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