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Yurt Trail

Distance: 600 m - Elev. Gain: 32 m - Level: Easy 

Starting at the Trailhead sign, Yurt Trail is the corridor to the heart of Radius Retreat. Access all 6 lower Yurts as you wander through the young forest on this well travelled path. Each Yurt has their own sign and private trail leading off the main route into their space, with the exception of the Hollow and Burrow where Yurt trail ends and Osprey begins.

The Drey
Osprey Trail

Distance: 3.7 km - Elev. Gain: 282 m - Level: Moderate to Difficult

TThis mid-mountain traverse is for the adventurous wanderer and will lead you into two additional loops; Raven & Fox. Start the Osprey journey as you pass by the Hollow and Burrow and Zig Zag your way up a few heart pumping switch backs (162m elevation gain). At the crux of the trail, rest and rehydrate at the solar operated potable water station, and then choose your adventure as Osprey opens up its wing span and invites you to venture North or South (120m elevation gain). Access to both The Perch & The Nest is via Osprey Trail, each having their own path off the main trail into their private space.

Elk Trail

Distance: 2.5 km - Elev. Gain: 188 m - Level: Difficult  


The quintessential Radius hike. Elk Trail will get your heart pumping with a magical combination of expansive valley views, old growth forest, meandering paths, and those ups and downs to keep you in shape. Pack a lunch and stop at the lookout point midway for a spectacular view of the Columbia wetlands.

Wiith an ever changing landscape and putting fire prevention at the top of our priority, we have ultered the North end of the trail. You will notice a lot more views and appreciation for the expance of the valley below

Elk Lookout.jpeg
Raven Trail
Raven Loop

Distance: 2.3 km - Elev. Gain: 92 m - Level: Moderate 

In honor of the Raven, this is the most solitary trail in the Radius circuit. Strut around the infinity loop in bliss and find yourself immersed in the quiet of nature with a birds eye view of the valley below. Raven itself is not a challenging walk - but you need to hike up the zig zag of Osprey before you can begin this peaceful loop.

Fox Loop (Closed)

Under Repair!
Due to the unfortunate threat of wildfires, we have decided to do all that we can to help protect our beautiful piece of nature. According to FireSmart BC, Cleaning up and clearing deadfall is at the top of the list. We are doing all that we can to help protect our forest, the neighbours and the community around us. 

Forest Therapy Trail

This is an easy path, built for smooth walking as you gaze up and around the towering forest. Wander with the intention of connecting with nature, while you embrace the healing powers and open your mind to a spiritual experience. Put your phone away, go within, embrace your wild and invoke your senses. It can take you 10 minutes or 2 hours – it is your own self guided tour.  Or better yet, contact Pat Bavin for a guided Forest Therapy Session to embrace the full experience of Forest Meditation.

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