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Events & Wellness

Radius is more than just Yurt accommodations. We strive to open our forest and create within it a place to host whatever gatherings or events you choose. We have the great outdoors and our 10 Yurts, as well as The Haven which has a Stage and a Large 30' Yurt. The forest at Radius is perfect for an intimate mountainside wedding, or perhaps a nature based yoga retreat. It is the ideal setting to host groups who are learning outdoor skills, and it is an artists paradise for creative moments. We can work within nature to make it perfect for you and your goal of being outdoors and becoming one with nature.


Contact us to see what we can do to help you create the perfect gathering pr event. Or, join us at one of the events we are hosting – everything from outdoor concerts to wellness retreats.  Radius strives to be different and truly embrace Friluftsliv – proving anything is possible in nature when you embrace it’s simplicity.

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